Obligation to report damage

Accidents can happen to anyone. The important thing is for PEMA customers to follow the correct procedure in the event of any damage.


Please note:

In the event of an accident, you must notify PEMA within 48 hours of it occurring.

If you fail to meet this reporting obligation, you may lose your existing cover under the agreed liability exemptions.


The PEMA claim notification form can be downloaded here in PDF format:


Information regarding the consequences of failure to meet obligations with respect to providing information and explanations after insured events

Under contractual arrangements, if an insured event takes place you must provide us with any appropriate details to explain the facts (the 'obligation to explain') or any details necessary for establishing insured events or the extent of our obligation to perform (the 'obligation to provide information').

If you fraudulently or intentionally fail to meet the obligation to explain or provide information, we will be freed from any obligation to perform.

However, if you breach either of these obligations through gross negligence, we may limit our performance in proportion to the seriousness of your fault. This limitation will cease if you are able to prove that the obligation was not breached through gross negligence.