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Adrenaline – Team Spirit – Fairness

Enthusiasm for motor racing sports of the rental pioneers from Herzberg is due to several reasons. For one, truck sports is pure adrenaline, something that doesn’t just fascinate our own team, but also our customers, who we regularly meet before, during and after the races. Another reason is that truck sports embodies the values lived out by PEMA such as fairness and team spirit in combination with tremendous personal commitment.

PEMA and Team Schwaben Truck have teamed up

PEMA has been supporting Team Schwaban Truck since 2011. The incredibly personal commitment the entire Schwabian Team demonstrates in the way they work has impressed PEMA from the very start.

PEMA backs the Team Hönig Racing

For the first time, PEMA is also supporting the Herzberg-based truck rally team, Hönig Racing, in the ongoing season with comprehensive technical service. The complete new paint job of the 256 PS- strong MAN KAT 1 kicked off the very new cooperation. The rally truck was the premier vehicle for PEMA’s new paint and drying booth. During an offroad rally, not only does speed count, but also the mastering of the toughest terrain. The tour route covers deep swamps and river crossings, and is determined via roadbook navigation, including GPS and compass technology. In part, the competitions also include night stages and last up to eight days. In the process, racing distances of between 500 and 2,000 kilometers are covered.

The pre-tour of hope (″Vor-Tour der Hoffnung″)

PEMA has been supporting the ″charity donations marathon″ for many years now in the scope of the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring race track, which is organised by Jungbluth Nutzfahrzeuge Service & Miet GmbH. The money collected during the donations marathon benefits the ″VOUR-TOUR of hope″ (VOUR-TOUR der Hoffnung). This organisation has been collecting donations for children with cancer and in need of help as well as for cancer research for 22 years.

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