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PEMA is a pioneer in environmentally friendly dual fuel technology

Since 2012, PEMA has offered its customers vehicles for hire that can be operated with a mix of diesel fuel and gas. With this dual fuel technology, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is added to diesel fuel in the intake passage which reduces diesel consumption and ensures more environmentally-friendly combustion.

In so doing, PEMA has helped to pave the way for an innovative and sustainable technology.

  • PEMA rental customers have already travelled 35 million kilometres with the dual fuel technology over the last 35 years, which proves that it does work!
  • PEMA establishes references with long-term experience for the technological feasibility of forward-looking systems and opens up a new market for LPG.
  • LPG occurs as a waste product from refining crude oil.
  • With this reference, the preconceptions of the dual fuel systems are removed, which promotes more widespread use of the technology.

PEMA sets technological standards in the market

PEMA’s goal is to offer the newest possible fleet with the latest technology at all times, and to invest annually in about 3,000 new semi-trailer units and motor vehicles. We want to exceed the regulatory environmental standards wherever possible with our own solutions.

  • The commitment from PEMA as one of the largest independent commercial vehicle hire companies in Europe has a beacon effect on the rest of the market.
  • As a hire company, PEMA makes innovative technology available to its customers, and thereby takes on all procurement risk, which in turn reduces inhibitions for trying new technologies.
  • In shorter intervals, the technological progress is leading to more and more efficient exhaust cleaning and drive systems.

The PEMA cogeneration unit

The PEMA cogeneration unit proves that PEMA looks to act sustainably not only within its own fleet of vehicles, but also within the company itself. The PEMA cogeneration unit was honoured as part of the Environmental Efficiency Awards. In addition to reducing potential environmental risks and significantly reducing energy consumption, the issue of improving the well-being of PEMA employees is also of great importance.

Some impressive key data:

  • The annual CO2 consumption was reduced by more than 400 t.
  • Sustainable reduction of energy consumption
  • Better temperature management, more targeted energy use, and greater well-being for employees
  • Reduction in possible environmental hazards as well as avoidance of testing and maintenance costs by eliminating heating oil tanks.

New car wash facility and new paint booth

The installation of a new biological system for processing water from the garage area demonstrations just how the PEMA company handles resources responsibly.
The car wash facility can capture up to approximately 14,000 litres. Upstream from this is a sludge trap with approximate volume of 30 cubic meters.

Environmental concerns were also at the forefront in the installation of a new 19.5 meter-long painting and drying booth. The system offers a dry separation and a vertical airflow with frequency converter and is fed with thermal energy from the cogeneration unit. Moreover, the booth can be divided with a built-in rolling gate. As a result, painting or drying can be carried out separately from each other in two closed spaces.

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