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Hire your trailer from TIP and PEMA

TIP and PEMA are the largest manufacturer-independent hire companies in the transport and logistics industry. Whether for curtain trailers with sliding tarpaulins for general cargo, box trailers for dry freight, refrigerated trailers for deep frozen and fresh transport, silo trailers, tanker trailers, tipper or walking floor trailers: With TIP and PEMA you can hire the ideal trailer in the right configuration for your requirements. 

From the manufacturer up to the construction, special equipment or number of axles, you can choose for yourself according to your needs. Together with our competent partners, we can also provide you with special trailers for highly individual projects. We can also do this in your own corporate design. Challenge us - we will provide exactly the trailer which you require. We will also be glad to recommend the optimum hire model.

The following semi-trailer brands are available for hire from us:

  • Schmitz Cargobull
  • Kögel
  • Noteboom
  • Berger
  • Feldbinder
  • Krone
  • Van Hool
  • Schwarzmüller
  • Stas

Each transportation assignment has its own particular requirements. To transport euro-pallets efficiently, different vehicle equipment is required than that for transporting heavy steel wire coils. As well as this, there are heavy transports, sensitive freight in food transport or transport of hazardous materials. At Tip and PEMA you can hire a large variety of semi-trailers and special vehicles with various constructions and usage options. 

Our trailers are available with the following specifications:

  • With tail lifts
  • For coil transports
  • With Joloda loading system
  • In beverage versions
  • With quick-fastening tarpaulins
  • As light versions
Box trailers
  • Double decker
  • With roller doors
  • With doors
  • With tail lifts
  • With textile equipment
City twin axle trailer with tail lift
Walking floor trailers
Tanker trailers
  • For foods
  • For chemical products
  • For bitumen
Extending semi-trailers 21 m/28 m
  • For coil transports
  • With Joloda loading system
Refrigerated trailers
  • Double decker
  • With tubular tracks
  • With partition walls
  • As multitemp
  • With tail lifts
Tipper semi-trailers 24 m³ to 50 m³
  • With semi-circular steel body
  • With box-section aluminium body
Container chassis 45’ Multifunction or 20’ Swap
Silo trailers
  • Non-tipping 37 m³ – 54 m³
  • Tipping (electro-hydraulic) 45 m³ – 60 m³ / ADR
Extending semi-trailer 19 m/hydraulic ramps

Tautliners: The all-rounder with curtain tarpaulin construction 
Hire the classic semi-trailer direct from PEMA, quickly and easily. Our curtain trailers are equipped with sliding side curtains and enable easy loading and unloading from both sides.

Megatrailers: More cargo volume - greater efficiency 
If you need a larger version for larger transport volumes, we can recommend our megatrailers with a clear loading height of three metres. With optimum use of the megatrailer you can transport up to 100m³ with a single vehicle. To supplement the megatrailer we can also supply a suitable lowliner, which is specially equipped for low articulate coupling heights.  

Box trailers: Secure transport behind solid walls
You can hire various box semi-trailers from us for the careful transport of foods and especially sensitive freight. The cargo inside is optimally protected by the strong side walls made from sandwich panels with metal or steel outer layers. 

Refrigerated trailers: Quality assurance on wheels
Our refrigerated trailers ensure optimum transportation of temperature-sensitive freight. Sophisticated insulation and refrigeration units guarantee constant temperatures inside and bring food products for example, fresh to their destination.

City semi twin axle: Get your cargo into town
If you are looking for flexible, robust and manoeuvrable truck hire, simply attach one of our City semi-trailers. They have room for up to 333 euro-pallets. The City semi also enables safe and easy transportation of temperature sensitive freight. 

Tipper semi-trailers: When you really need to move things 
We can provide tipper semi-trailers for the transport of bulk materials, biomass and substrates. With high rolling and standing stability you always have your tipper under control during the loading and unloading process.

Walking floor trailers: Brilliantly simple to unload
We offer walking floor trailers for transporting bulky and light loose freight. With the hydraulically powered floor, freight can also be easily unloaded without aids in halls with low headroom and on soft surfaces.

Tanker and silo trailer vehicles: Special vehicles for special assignments
You are ideally equipped to transport liquids of all kinds with our wide range of tank trailers. For silo trailers, PEMA offers various tipping and non-tipping silo vehicles. 

Extendable trailers and semi-trailers: Flexibility for hard cases
If you need to transport very long items, we will be glad to assist you with an extendable trailer, which can be flexibly adapted to the required length. For extremely heavy loads, we can also provide semi-low loaders in various sizes. We offer different versions from our fleet, with or without tarpaulin, which can be extended as necessary to transport your freight safely and optimally to your destination.

Do you have questions or would you like a personal consultation? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to your inquiry.