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Tipper trailers, mainly from Schmitz Cargobull can be hired from PEMA as dump trucks for agricultural use or as dump trucks for the construction sector.

24 m³ tipper trailers

For the construction sector we offer tipper trailers with a volume of 24 m³. These half-round dumpers with a lightweight steel construction can withstand the harshest conditions of use. The vehicles are equipped with a lift axle with starting aid function to ease starting in difficult terrain.

The corresponding Volvo, MAN, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Renault tractor units with hydraulic systems are also available for hire from our fleet.

Tipper trailers 24m³

Steel tipper 24m³

steel tipper 24 m³ external pedulum tailgate with rubber seal roller tarpaulin
full load landing gear automated lowering during tipping process hydraulic cylinder that works for low pressure and high pressure
lift axle    

50 m³ tipper trailers for agriculture

Our agricultural dump trucks have a volume of 50 m³ and are GMP-certified. These trailers are equipped with double doors with a pendulum frame, i.e. a combination tailgate and two grain sliders. Thanks to the pallet-width version, flexible return loading is possible.

Tipper trailers 50m³ plan crops

Aluminium box tipper 50m³ plan crops

aluminium box tipper approx. 50 m³ rear doors, symetric doors in hinged frame 2 grain sliders
roller tarpaulin full load landing gear hydraulic cylinder with low pressure
lift axle tool box  

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