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Trailers hired from PEMA offer many possibilities, particularly for transport companies who wish to be able to respond flexibly in combination transport. BDF vehicles are ideal in distribution transport between railways or ships and neighbouring industries. With PEMA, you can select exactly the commercial vehicle you need from a wide, manufacturer-independent range of trailers. In addition, we also offer special trailers for the waste disposal industry or the building industry.

When selecting the trailer, please consider the freight you need to transport. Also, you should be clear as to whether national borders are to be crossed. In this case it may be advisable to choose a closed trailer.

Trailers with the following brands and manufacturers are available for hire from us:

  • Krone
  • Kögel
  • Hüffermann
  • Schmitz

Select between the following versions:

  • BDF swap body trailers
    • for C745 with parking height 1,320 mm
    • for C745 with parking height 1,020 mm - 1,320 mm
  • Trailers for roll-off containers
  • BDF centre-axle trailers
    • for C782 with parking height 1,000 mm
    • for C782 with parking height 1,070 mm - 1,320 mm
  • Building material trailers

BDF trailers: Greater freedom in combined transport

With PEMA you have the choice between several versions, so that you are certain to find the right swap body for your purpose. The use of road and rail is particularly effective, as the load can be quickly transferred from one vehicle to the next. The loading and unloading times for the truck are considerably shorter than for alternative transport solutions, as the swap body can be exchanged without equipment.

Trailers for roll-off containers: Simply more capacity

Hiring trailers for roll-off containers is worthwhile, if you already own transport vehicles for roll-off containers and require a low-cost solution to transport further containers. In this way, several roll-off containers can be transported to the destination with each journey and the capacity of the vehicle is doubled.

There is a wide range of possibilities for using trailers for roll-off containers. For example, fire services can load the right material for almost any purpose in advance, in order to quickly convey it to the deployment location. Roll-off containers are also an ideal solution for other institutions with safety functions.

Building material trailers: The tough ones for hard jobs

Hire our building material containers for heavy loads in the building industry. With their robust chassis, they are ideal for transporting building materials. All of the building material trailers in our fleet have lashing holes in the outer frame, which ensure good load securing. These trailers also have a very large payload due to their low weight.

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