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At PEMA you can hire the right truck for any purpose

PEMA offers a wide range of brands and configurations to choose from regardless of the manufacturer, even if you want to hire a truck with a special body.
We offer vehicles with total weights from 7.5 t to 26 t in a wide range of versions.

Trucks with the following equipment are available for hire from us:

  • Flatbed with tail lift
  • Refrigerated box body with tail lift
  • Hofumsetzer
  • Roll-off tippers 6 x 2
  • Box body with tail lift
  • BDF swap bodies
    • for C745 – 1,320 mm/tail lift
    • for C782 – 1,000 mm
    • With lifting levers or mechanical height adjustment
    • for C745 or C782 – 1,020 mm - 1,320 mm
  • Building material flatbed trucks with rear loading crane 6 x 2

Refrigerated box body with tail lift: Everything stays fresh!

At PEMA you can hire vehicles for fresh delivery as well as deep freezer box bodies. Refrigerated box bodies are especially suitable for deliveries to food markets and are also ideal to provide cool drinks at festivals. If things need to be really cold, our deep freezer box bodies maintain the cooling chain during transport. The cooling units maintain a constant temperature of down to minus 20 degrees Celsius - even with high outside temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. Your cargo stays cool, even in the blazing heat on the motorway.

BDF swap bodies: Flexibility on wheels

Hire vehicles with these bodies are just right if the freight which is to be transported reaches its destination by several means of transport. With BDF swap bodies you have the option of switching between road and rail as well as between road and road. Our range includes various models, e.g. for standard interchangeable frames with sizes C 745 and C 782 for 2-axle and 3-axle truck chassis as well as interchangeable frames with height-adjustable twist locks, so-called multi-changer trucks.

Building material flatbed trucks with rear loading crane: The powerful solution for the construction industry

Our robust construction material flatbed trucks are equipped with a powerful loading crane. These superstructures are ideal e.g. for loading heavy panels or building materials. The crane is located at the rear, so that both the loading area of the truck and the trailer can be safely and completely loaded and unloaded.

Roll-off tippers: The swap body loader for hire

It pays to hire a hook-lift vehicle from PEMA: The low weight and easy handling guarantee maximum productivity and economy right from the start. Thanks to the hydraulic container lock, the containers are securely fastened to the vehicle for transportation. Of course, our roll-off tippers comply with all statutory regulations.

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