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The usage fee is now just as much a part of day-to-day business for you as a logistics company as the loading and unloading of your trucks and trailers. But because we also know that formalities often take up a lot of important time, on request, PEMA will take care of all formalities relating to truck tolls. From installing OBUs through to comprehensive toll processing – we will handle it all.

PEMA offers three variants

1. PEMA OBU: The toll service package in the hire vehicle
This toll solution includes costs for installing the on-board unit (OBU), the expansion costs as well as the entire toll processing. Registration of the vehicle with Toll Collect takes place at PEMA. The toll fee will be passed on to you each month.

2.  CUSTOMER OBU: The OBU installation service by PEMA
PEMA takes care of the registration with Toll Collect and the installation of your own on-board unit in the hire vehicle. After the vehicle is returned, we disassemble the OBU and deregister it with Toll Collect.  
In this case, you take care of toll processing yourself.

3. WITHOUT OBU: Your hire vehicle – Your responsibility
Here, we provide you with your hire vehicle without an OBU. You are then responsible for the entire toll processing as well as the installation and disassembly of the OBU.

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