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Accidents can happen, nobody is safe from them. It is crucial that you, the customer, choose the right course of action in the event of a claim.

Please note:
In the event of a claim, you are obliged to notify us of this within 48 hours. If you violate this reporting obligation, you endanger your existing protection from the agreed indemnities!


Notification of the consequences of breaches of information and notification obligations in case of insurance claims:


On the basis of the contractual agreements, after the occurrence of the insured event, you have to provide us with all information that is useful to clarify the facts (so-called obligation to provide information) or to determine the insured event or the scope of our obligation to provide benefits (so-called obligation to provide information).

If you fraudulently or deliberately violate the obligation to provide information or to clarify, we will be released from the obligation to perform.

If, on the other hand, you breach one of these obligations through gross negligence, we can reduce our benefits in proportion to the severity of your fault. The reduction will not be made if you can prove that the obligation was not violated through gross negligence.

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